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This is on a whole different level of Cheesecakes. Fresh ingredients and tasted divine. Always homemade and wonderful!
Roxanne Z.

Larry's cheesecakes are soooo good, we always want more and more. Always a perfect dessert for parties and get togethers. We're ordering more!
Shalla A.

Your grandma wishes she had this recipe. :) Best ever, u won't be disappointed. Thanks Larry.
Dawn D.

I got a cheesecake and it was the best I have had in years... I loved every piece of was a peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate crust!! Thank you so much..I was in heaven eating it..hehe...For all of you who haven't tried one i highly recommend you to get one...they are the best really fantastic cheesecakes.
Elizabeth M.

I had the reeses peanut butter cheesecake and i Loved it it was delicious moist and delectable i am looking forward to getting another one in the near future i would highly recommend the cheese cake baker to any and everyone mine's is all gone and was enough for well over 8 people very rich so small portions is best YES !
Jamie W.

The Best cakes in Vegas..PERIOD you won't be disappointed the selection is incredible, and quite frankly, the taste is to die for, the flavors just explode onto your palate, I strongly urge you to give them a try, see what the buzz is for yourself.
Larry S.

Not too sweet like some! Everything I've tried has been awesome!! I recommend the Reese's peanut butter one.
Leanne H.